Comprehensive Japanese Course

This course is for students who want to go on to higher education at a university or a graduate school or vocational school  in Japan.
In order to enter a Japanese university, it is necessary to achieve a high score on the EJU (The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students / Nihon-Ryugaku Shiken). For that purpose, students must have a high level in Japanese language ability, liberal arts and science as specified by universities.
Students must be able to not only improve the four basic technical skills of Japanese (listening, speaking, reading and writing) which are useful for daily life, but also listen and understand lectures at university in Japanese and be able to study the same as Japanese students. They need to discuss and present what they learn and study in public places, such as the classroom. Also, they have to read technical terms and logical sentences, and be able to write their ideas coherently and accurately for reports or essays, including a thesis. In this course, you can learn Academic Japanese which is necessary for examinations and life at universities and graduate schools.

Students will also learn about Japanese culture and society, world geography and history for preparing for the comprehensive examination subjects, and English for the TOEFL test. Furthermore, we have a Cramming Class to prepare for examinations, while organizing a timeline for admission to higher education. An elective supplementary Mathematics Class is also available.
This course is a University Preparatory Course approved by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In countries where formal school education is less than 12 years, students will be eligible to apply for universities in Japan after completing any of our three different length programs.
If you have to get a student visa to take this course for a long time, you can apply for and get the visa at our school. Students who have other long-term visas can also take this course.
In order to be recognized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, the minimum number of study hours is set at 760.
**Extra tuition fee is needed.


Japanese Subjects (19 class-hours / week)

This is the most important component of the Comprehensive Japanese Language Course.
Japanese proficiency depends on the balance of the four technical skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course is offered to beginners who start with the reading and writing of hiragana and katakana. As students study in their classes everyday and do assignments, after 1 ½ years to 2 years, students find that they can understand technical words without looking them up in the dictionary, they can understand the news, and even debate current topics. Most students reach the advanced level of Japanese and are able to score well on the following tests which are looked at during the time of university application: the EJU and the internationally-recognized Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Class for the EJU (The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students / Nihon-Ryugaku Shiken) (2 class-hours / week)

We offer thorough classes for Japanese subjects. Students study Japanese knowledge, which is required for taking the examination, through solving past exam questions and other similar questions. Moreover, students repeatedly take trial examinations to check their present ability, and form future study plans.

Social Studies Classes (2 class-hours / week)

In the Comprehensive Japanese Language Course, students deepen their understanding of Japanese society, structure and the world. We offer social studies classes to prepare for the comprehensive subjects of the EJU. Students will participate in these classes, learn about matters that concern them, and discuss from large social issues to daily news in Japanese. They will learn about these situations and related vocabulary in Japanese and learn to vocalize their thoughts in Japanese. Preparation and presentation in groups or debating in class will be very helpful for anyone pursuing further education, those who are living in Japan or those with business needs.

TOEFL (1 class-hour / week)

In this course, students study for the TOEFL test, which is necessary to enter universities and graduate schools. We offer programs to match the level of any student, from beginner to advanced.This is a required class for student visa holders. It is an elective class for students with other visas, but we recommend taking this class to the students who want to take an entrance examination for university or graduate school.

Cramming Class (1 class-hour / week)

In sports, you can not easily win even if you have surprising potential. In order to win, you need strategy and tactics. This is also said about the examinations for Japanese universities and graduate schools. You can not enter schools by studying only Japanese and the examination subjects. It is necessary to understand how the Japanese education system is different from your country’s, what you can learn and study at universities and graduate schools, what kind of subjects you have to choose according to your future goals, what schools and subjects actually are like, and more. Furthermore, you have to know and practice examination procedures and how to make a study schedule, and pay attention to your daily life before the examination. This course offers you these strategies and tactics for examinations while you also study.