To Enter Our School on Another Type of Visa

Applicants with non-student visas may also apply. Those visas would include: Dependent, Long-term resident, Spouse, Temporary visitor, working holiday, etc.
A call must be made to YMCA office, then follow procedure:

1. Read through Admission Guide (Admission information) Application Documents and fill in application.

Admission Guide Download

2. Prepare Application
– note deadlines:
April entrance → December
July entrance →Early March
October entrance → Early June
January entrance → early September

①Procedure when guarantor or sponsor is residing in Japan

  1. the guarantor / sponsor living in Japan should apply in person and at the time of application, the school will hold an interview with the guarantor.

②Procedure when no guarantor or sponsor is residing in Japan

  1. Applications can be completed at the overseas communication office of YMCA, through foreign YMCAs, or through the studying abroad system. Applicants will be advised of procedure by the staff there.
  2. After e-mailing, or calling by telephone, please verify the application requirements. Please send the documents to Osaka YMCA by: EMS, DHL, OCS, FEDEX, etc.


3. School Payments are made.
April admission → Early March
July admission → Early June
October admission → Early September
January admission → Early December




Tuition and Payment
When guarantor resides in Japan:
Choose one of the following methods of payment

  1. Make a bank remittance directly to YMCA
  2. The guarantor brings money directly to YMCA

When guarantor does not reside in Japan:
Choose one of the following methods of payment

  1. Follow guidelines set by YMCA overseas communication center, overseas YMCA or overseas study abroad facility.
  2. After verification, make a bank remittance directly to YMCA.

YMCA can issue a “Letter of Acceptance” upon applicant’s request. Generally, no letter of acceptance is necessary for students currently residing in Japan. However, under certain circumstances, letters are requested. Here are some examples: the applicant’s family resides in Japan and a record of entry is requested, or a student needs a document to verify that he/she is studying Japanese. In these situations, please request a letter of acceptance. However, the request may be rejected if your purpose for entry is vague.

4. Reserve an airline ticket, after arriving in Japan, complete enrollment procedures.