Application for students with a student visa

Applicants who wish to apply for a student visa (college student or pre-college student ) through YMCA,
will first need to contact the school and here is a flow-chart of the process. 
We will stop accepting applications when the number of applicants reaches the quota.

1. Read through Admission Guide (Admission information) Application Documents and fill in application.

Admission Guide Download

2.Prepare Application – note deadlines: April entrance → By early December, July entrance → By early March, October entrance
→By early June, January entrance → By early September

Deadline might be earlier if the fixed number of the applicants is full.
Please contact office directly about update enrollment information.
①Procedure when guarantor or representative resides in Japan

  • the guarantor / sponsor living in Japan should apply in person and the school will hold an interview with the guarantor at the time of application.
  • The guarantor will be informed if application is incomplete.

②Procedure when no guarantor or representative resides in Japan

  1. Applications can be completed at the overseas communication office of YMCA, through foreign YMCAs, or through the studying abroad system.Applicants will be advised of procedure by the staff there.
  2. After e-mailing, or calling by telephone, please verify the application requirements. Please send the documents to Osaka YMCA by: EMS, DHL, OCS, FEDEX, etc.

※The applicant will be informed if application is incomplete.


3. In-School Screening / Selection

Students will be accepted based on the Screening. After selection, applicants will be contacted regarding the result. Applicants who pass the screening will receive a “Letter of Acceptance” document.

※This document is sometimes necessary for passport applications.


4. OSAKA YMCA will send documents to the Japanese Immigration Office.

The documents for all applicants who pass the school screening will be then sent to the Immigration Office as a part of the residency permit application (Application for Certificate of Eligibility). Screening will take approximately 2 months.

5. "Certificate of Eligibility " will be issued and sent

April term students   → End of February
July term students    → End of May
October term students → End of August
January term students → End of November
Applicants will receive the results of the screening test either from Osaka YMCA or from the foreign communication center.

6.School Payments are to be made.
(April admission → Early March, July admission → Early June, October admission → Early September , January admission →  Early December)




Tuition and Payment
When the guarantor resides in Japan:
Choose one of the following methods of payment

  1. Send a bank remittance directly to YMCA
  2. The guarantor brings money directly to YMCA

When the guarantor does not reside in Japan:

  1. Follow guidelines set by YMCA overseas communication center, overseas YMCA or overseas study abroad facility.
  2. After verification, send a bank remittance directly to YMCA.


7.After receiving payment, the “Certificate of Eligibility” and “Letter of Acceptance” will be sent directly to the applicant via EMS. 

If a representative is handling the applicant’s documents, then the “Certificate of Eligibility” will be handed to the representative.

8. Application for Visa

→applications must be made at a Japanese Consulate or at a Japanese embassy. The ‘residence permit notification’ and ‘letter of acceptance” will be necessary for application.

9. Purchase air tickets and arrive in Japan.