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Support upon Arrival in Japan

Our staff members will support you, by means such as referring you to housing, picking you up at the airport when you arrive in Japan and helping you complete necessary procedures after your entry into Japan. Because staff members of various nationalities are working with us, we can support you in multiple languages.

Airport pick-up

We will pick you up at Kansai International Airport when you arrive in Japan, if you want us to.
Please contact us at least a week before your arrival in Japan.

Information on necessary procedures after your entry into Japan

1. Alien registration

Students who plan to stay in Japan for more than 90 days are required to apply for alien registration. You can complete the procedure at the city hall (ward office) in your residential district.

2. National Health Insurance

Students who have been granted student visas are obliged to enroll in National Health Insurance.
Those enrolled in the Insurance pay only 30% of the cost of medical care and medication.

3. Bank account

You should open a bank account to receive remittances from your country and to manage your living expenses.