Introductory class that starts with learning romaji, hiragana, and katakana

In order to make it easier for those who are learning Japanese for the first time, especially those who have no experience with Chinese characters to start learning Japanese, the course first starts using the Roman alphabet. This class allows you to solidly master hiragana and katakana, and at the same time gives you a solid start learning Japanese.
If you study in this course for three months, you will be able to do the following things, for example:

  • Reading and writing simple Japanese in hiragana
  • Telling people easy things over the phone
  • Asking for the destination and station to get off at when taking a train
  • Inviting your friends to a movie or talking about the contents of a movie
  • Introducing your family and the like

When you have completed this course, you can continue learning Japanese smoothly at the novice level (J1) of the Practical Japanese Course at Osaka YMCA Gakuin.