YMCA volunteers

Osaka YMCA volunteers

In 1844, the first YMCA was founded in London by more than a dozen young volunteers who shared the same ambition. Even though more than 170 years have passed, many volunteers still gather at YMCAs around the world, get involved in various ways and walk forward together to solve issues faced by local communities and the Earth.
Osaka YMCA volunteers can enjoy the process of their own growth together with many people who share the same ideas and wishes by being involved in the YMCA movement.
The YMCA exists as a place to fulfill individuals’ ideas and wishes, such as people who want to work with children or people who want to be involved with nature. For people who want to do something but do not know where to start, please visit the YMCA once. Opportunities to expand your world and create a greater future are waiting for you.

Japanese language volunteers

At our school, various activities are conducted by volunteers who are eager to fulfill their desires such as interacting with foreign students, experiencing international/cultural exchange in Osaka or putting to use a particular talent or hobby. In the Osaka YMCA International College Japanese Course, approximately 150 foreign students, mainly from Asian countries, make efforts to learn the Japanese language every day. They have been living far away from their home countries where they were born and raised, but through their interaction with volunteers in Japan their time in Japan has become more and more worthwhile.