The goals are:


  • to acquire expertise and skills at Japanese universities, graduate schools, vocational schools, etc.,
  • to leverage language skills to make efforts for work, and
  • to interact with Japanese people and experience Japanese culture so as to expand your world.

In order to achieve such goals, the improvement of Japanese proficiency is indispensable and it is necessary to flexibly adapt to new experiences and be open to others. Japanese language programs at the Osaka YMCA provide support such as necessary and adequate learning curricula, diverse courses to realize such improvement, professional lecturers with abundant abilities and experience, high-quality classes and teaching material development, the newest facilities as well as opportunities for students to interact with the people of Japan and the world and understand each other. In addition, we provide appropriate guidance according to each situation for individual students in learning and life.
The Osaka YMCA cultivates the Japanese language abilities that will support active roles in specialized fields, Japanese society and the international scene and also nurtures minds to be open to all the people of the world. Discovering your new abilities will make your future and possibilities clearly visible.

Educational Goals and Policies

Aiming for learners’ acquisition of advanced Japanese abilities and their autonomy


(1) Autonomy as a user of Japanese

By using proper Japanese, you can fulfill your own purposes and play your own roles in each area of activities.

(2) Autonomy as a consumer

Being accustomed to the environment of a different culture, you can manage yourself and organize your life.

(3) Autonomy as a learner

Through learning together with others, you can manage your own learning and proceed with it effectively and efficiently.

(4) Autonomy as a career determinant

You can decide on a better course suitable for yourself through your own will and responsibility.

(5) Autonomy as an intercultural migrant

You can understand the distinctions between yourself and others, acquire diverse cultural attitudes and strive for symbiosis.

Target area Content of teaching Component
Using Japanese Language knowledge
Language skills
Communication abilities

Skill by area of use

Vocabulary, grammar, Chinese characters, etc.
Reading, writing, listening, speaking
Grammatical abilities, social language abilities,
conversational abilities, strategic abilities

Academic Japanese,
Business Japanese

Learning Japanes Autonomous learning support
Academic advising
Learning management, learning strategies
Career determination Career education
21st century-type skills
Provision of information on further education,
job-hunting support, etc.
Intercultural migration Intercultural communication
Understanding other cultures
Social skills, etc.
Our/others’ cultures
Daily life Support for daily life
Counseling, coaching


Miho Kameda

Japanese program teaching director
Osaka YMCA International Student Division

To those who wish to learn Japanese at the Osaka YMCA,

I think that it is very courageous to study abroad in Japan away from the place where you were born and raised. We at the Osaka YMCA warmly welcome everyone who has taken the first step with such courage and we will make every effort to support you so that we can send you into Japanese society and the global fields where you can play active roles in the future.
By all means, join us at the Osaka YMCA and gain totally new and exciting experiences such as encountering different cultures through Japanese, meeting various people and building good relationships. I am looking forward to seeing you.

主任講師 亀田美保