We decided not to open summer intensive course in 2022

This is a 2 weeks summer intensive course starting at the middle of July going through the beginning of August. Tourist visa (90-day stay) sufficient.5 classes are available for levels ranging beginner through pre-intermediate(N3), and the objective is to help students to acquire speaking skills. Materials used in these classes were specifically designed for this course and create an enjoyable time studying Japanese. Students not only study but go out to experience Japanese culture by traveling around Osaka and meeting Japanese people in programs organized by YMCA.
 And we are also having special class activities. Japan’s cultural exports such as art, fashion and pop culture are enjoyed the world over. We will visit a number of technical colleges that specialize in training students in these disciplines and see first hand how these techniques are developed.
Technical colleges to be visited include those specializing in:

  • Japanese Hospitality
  • Makeup fro KAWAII style
  • MANGA drawing
  • Anime dubbing
  • Japanese cuisine

 These programs help students to gain a better understanding of Japan. Homestay is available for those who request it.


7/27(Sat) - 8/10(Sat) 2019 ...2 Week Intensive Course


Mon-Fri. 9:00-11:50


69,000 yen for 2 weeks
The above fees cover the costs of tuition, materials, culture exchange meetings.
Please note that you will need to pay for your own accommodation, travel and participation in optional programs.