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Intensive Summer Program


Two-week experience learning in Japan on a summer vacation

Why don’t you study Japanese intensively over your summer vacation? Not only will you study Japanese, but you’ll also experience Japanese culture (ikebana, tea ceremony, calligraphy, wearing of yukata, etc.), as well as taking classes about the world-famous Cool Japan (anime, manga, make-up, hotels/tourism, cooking, etc.) given in collaboration with vocational schools, not to mention very popular social gatherings with Japanese people and sightseeing (in Osaka City, Kyoto, etc.).
In addition, if you wish, you can also experience a homestay. Please enjoy your intensive summer in Japan over a short period of time.

Practical Japanese Course

Practical Japanese Course

This is a course for learning practical Japanese so that you can use it in aspects of your life such as your social life, business, and short-term language training in Japan. In novice to intermediate-advanced classes, you can intensively and efficiently improve your Japanese skills, which we divide into four skills: listening/speaking and reading/writing.
In advanced classes, half of the subjects can be selected and you can select five subjects under the themes of academics, business, and culture depending on your purpose.