The Practical Japanese Course is a course to train students in the ability to master the advanced Japanese necessary for business and real life in Japan. Also, this course supports learning Japanese not only for those who want to live and work in Japan but also for those whose purpose is short-term language training.
If you need a student visa for long-term study in this course, you can apply and obtain it through our school. Those who have acquired long-term visas other than a student visa (spouse, family stay, long-term resident, working, religious visa, etc.) can also enter this course. Those who have a short-term stay status of residence can also study for 3 months (11 weeks).
*Note that it is necessary for such students to obtain visas other than student visas by themselves.

IJ Class (introductory class)

Basics Classes: learn the basics of Japanese using primary teaching materials. This is to develop fundamental abilities before moving on to levels where you can put such abilities into practice

We have set up basic classes for you to firmly acquire the four skills of listening/speaking/reading/writing systematically and to steadily improve your fundamental abilities using comprehensive teaching materials. Of the four hours of classes a day, the Basics Classes are three hours for novice to intermediate levels and two hours for advanced levels. During these hours, you will solidly acquire a foundation and build a base for practical abilities.


Novice to intermediate-advanced

Step up by taking classes, each of which improves one of these skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In these classes, the four skills are grouped into two groups, namely listening/speaking and reading/writing, each of which consists of two skills that are deeply linked, and you learn these two groups by separately focusing on each to improve each skill.
Therefore, it will become clear which kind of skill you are trying to improve, and consequently you can enhance your Japanese skills more efficiently. It is also beneficial for those who want to balance the four skills (e.g., those who are good at listening and speaking, but poor at reading and writing).


Advanced to top-level

You can choose subjects that match your objectives and needs. Can you believe that 50% of all classes can be selected?!

One of the great features of the Practical Japanese Courses is the variety of subjects to choose from. It is a curriculum aimed at learning in Japanese rather than learning Japanese, with emphasis on content to be learned.
Specifically, there are three kinds of courses: business-focused courses, academic-focused courses, and culture-focused courses. You will come to understand a wide range of knowledge and information in Japanese in areas such as business manners, product planning development, writing, debating, traditional Japanese culture, information on daily life in Japan, manga/anime, novels, current topics, the Kansai dialect, and preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.
You can learn Japanese as it is commonly used by Japanese people.